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Hike Lite

If you are planning on going hiking for the first time or you're an experienced hiker, you will want all the necessary equipment and more but without the struggle of carrying lots of heavy equipment.

Hike Lite will give you the incite to the developments made in hiking gear and how much easier your hiking experience can be. From lightweight cooking equipment to posture supporting shoes, bring your hiking experience into the modern world.


If you're going hiking for the first time a full sized, triple skinned tent may appeal to you as you will get more comfortable night's sleep, the problem with this is that big family sized tents that are built with a purpose of comfort are usually very heavy and very big even when dismantled.

There are many alternatives now available for hikers that wish to camp whilst walking through trails and although they may not be as comfortable as a regular tent they are practical and easy to take with you no matter how long you are going hiking for.

Here are some alternatives to tents:

  • Shangri - there are many different types of Shangri's available on the market, the difference between many is size and the number of layers that the tent is made up of. Many people will describe a Shangri as a Tee-Pee or Wigwam, this is due to the designed shape.
  • Tarp - this option will be favoured by experienced hikers who want to travel as "Lite" as possible. A tarp tent will provide coverage from rain and little else. The most common form of tarp tent will be tied to trees when required so that it provides enough coverage for the hiker.


When hiking the equipment that you bring must cover your basic needs being; eating and sleeping. When eating and staying hydrated you will need utensils, unfortunately utensils are often heavy and take up a lot of room.

With recent developments into supplies for hikers some new products have been created as well as some older products being reinvented. For example, the Swiss army knife has been around for many years and now there are many versions, each fulfilling different needs. An example of a new poduct made for a purpose such as hiking would be the spork, a spoon and fork hybrid which allows one less item to be carried by the hiker.

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